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AI captures an opportunity to enhance human connectivity – A point of view by Robert Schneider

AI captures an opportunity to enhance human connectivity – A point of view by Robert Schneider


In today’s fast-paced business landscape, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly common. As I reflect on the evolving nature of our work within SAP consulting, I see the transformative shift. As businesses strive for efficiency and innovation, AI offers us an excess of opportunities to streamline processes, automate tasks, and enhance decision-making. However, amongst discussions of AI’s capabilities, there’s a certain question repeating: will AI take our jobs? The answer is simply “no”.

Instead, AI presents an opportunity to redefine our roles and add a crucial element: human interaction.


Evolution of SAP consulting

One of the most impactful changes AI brings to SAP consulting is its ability to automate tasks and streamline processes. I’ve witnessed AI facilitate data verification and pattern identification within our organizational operations, leading to improved decision-making and efficiency gains. AI will undoubtedly change the way we work, but it won’t make us obsolete. Rather, it prompts us to evolve, adapt, and utilize the capabilities of AI to enhance our expertise. AI tools like ChatGPT or GitHub Copilot to expedite tasks such as code generation, thereby accelerating project timelines.

Code efficiency

In observing the trends within the Business AI space, I recognize the significance of AI-generated code. AI-driven code generation expedites development and elevates code quality. However, I have to stress that AI-generated code is not always perfect and requires review and refinement by our developers. When it comes to complex developments, such as a gantt-chart based Fiori app or clean core integration scenarios, I can see how AI can support us in developing those, but AI won’t make us obsolete here. SAP consultants will be needed to pull the strings together, break down complex requirements and, together with our clients, find the best solutions to make the most of their SAP.


Fostering innovation

AI encourages innovative thinking and new approaches to collaboration within our teams and organizations. By automating routine tasks, consultants like myself can dedicate more time to discussion, client interaction, and training. This shift not only boosts productivity but also nurtures a culture of continuous improvement. Moreover, AI encourages collaboration within our teams and organizations. In our bi-weekly R&D meetings, colleagues who are passionate about the latest trends, technology and innovative ideas, come together to brainstorm about how latest BTP services, like SAP Build Process Automation or BTPs AI capabilities can solve real business challenges and create competitive advantages for our clients. 

The human element

Despite AI’s capabilities, I firmly believe in the indispensable role of human consultants. While AI automates certain tasks, it lacks the contextual understanding and creativity essential for effective problem-solving and client interaction. Consultants like myself play a pivotal role in leveraging AI to address specific business needs and co-create tailored solutions with clients. With the opportunity to outsource routine tasks to AI, we will have time for connecting with each other.

Embracing the future

In conclusion, AI presents an opportunity for us to embrace change rather than fear it. As SAP consultants, it’s crucial to evolve, learn, and harness AI’s power to drive business value. By integrating AI capabilities with our human expertise, we can unlock new possibilities, enhance efficiency, and deliver exceptional value to our clients. As I always say, “AI is nothing to be scared about; we need to learn how to use it and evolve, and we are on the right path.”

In essence, AI complements our capabilities, enabling us to focus on higher-value tasks, innovation, and meaningful interactions with clients and each other. As we navigate the evolving landscape of business AI, the synergy between human expertise and technological innovation will undoubtedly shape the future of our operations.