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Downright done right

At Neomore, curiosity isn’t just encouraged – it’s celebrated. We are more than just a tech biz; we are a caring community with a strong vision and outlook for the future. With a deep understanding about business and industries, we deliver work that exceeds customer expectations – all while keeping our feet firmly on the ground and sharing a good laugh over coffee breaks.

Reasons to join us

“At Neomore, I have gotten to see all sides of SAP-world and choose what's best and most fun for to work with. I also get to meet and work together with interesting people from various different areas and even make friends with them and share common interests and hobbies even outside of work.”

Ilkka Siiskonen Senior Consultant

“I have a chance to work with people from different backgrounds and I can get help easily from my colleagues and make the work better. Neomore is an open space to try out new things. We have such great facilities to enjoy each others’ company on our free time also: a Finnish language club, a hobby & craft club, a pool tableand a music room.”

Gülbike Kaya Developer

“Neomore has been a great place for a more junior Consultant to start a career: support is always on hand, I've been trusted with more and more responsibility as I've gained more competence and my learning journey has been supported with a development plan. I feel like here people are cared about and made sure they're satisfied.”

Nea Koski Junior Consultant

Life at Neomore

We approach our work with ambition and respect. By sharing a seamless understanding towards value and quality we collectively prioritise delivering them to our customers. Honesty and transparency are key values in our culture and the atmosphere at Neomore is fun, easy and relaxed.

Why Neomore?

Little bureaucracy, plenty of stability

We pride ourselves on being a low-hierarchical organisation. You can count on us to be financially stable and reliable, providing a solid foundation for your career, whilst having an opportunity to make a difference.

Pick your projects from high-end customers

When it comes to projects, you’ll have the freedom to choose from a diverse range of opportunities. Dive into assignments from truly impactful brands and tackle tasks that keep you excited and engaged.

Ambitious yet supportive community

Although ambitious and professionally proud, at Neomore, collaboration trumps competition. We’re all about supporting and helping each other grow, creating a supportive environment where everyone can thrive.


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