ARNON gained momentum for international growth with a modern and intelligent ERP

ARNON took its first steps into the modern SAP technology when the company updated their several legacy systems into SAP S/4HANA with Neomore. Consulting.

ARNON is the biggest automation and switchgear supplier in Scandinavia. The company operates worldwide with over 200 experts in six different locations in Finland, Sweden and Poland. ARNON provides its’ customers industrial electrification and automation as a service mainly in marine, mining, and renewable energy segments.

The new system will serve international business

ARNON’s goal was to replace the old systems with a modern ERP , as the company’s previous system had come to the end of its service life. ARNON’s choice as the new ERP system was SAP S/4HANA because it is a modern, integrated ERP system. The system relies on artificial intelligence to modernize business processes and uses the SAP HANA database.

ARNON sought to upgrade its logistics operations and financial systems to serve international multi-company operations. The company’s old systems had become a burden during the growth and expansion phase. Moreover, the majority of ARNON’s customers are global companies using the SAP system.

“Thanks to SAP’s ERP system, we can serve large international customers much more smoothly than before.”

Toni Ristamäki
ARNON’s Chief Operating Officer.

Transformation to SAP S/4HANA in eight months

ARNON’s ERP transformation was one of the first SME full-service S/4HANA implementations in Finland. ARNON chose Neomore as its SAP S/4HANA supplier, as Neomore is well known as an experienced and competent supplier, with an approach that is particularly suitable for SMEs the size of ARNON. Neomore’s consultants worked on the project independently and extensively and served the client throughout the project lifecycle.

During the transformation project, all of ARNON’s core business functions , such as sales processes, procurement, production and inbound and outbound logistics, finance and controlling functions were transferred to the new system. Best practice approach fulfilled well the ARNON needs. However, some additional Fiori applications (e.g. in the area of worktime entry and approval, BOM management and supplier invoice processing) were implemented to bring added value and make processes even smoother.

The project was completed on time, lasting a total of eight months from the drafting of the contract to the full use of the solution.

Thanks to the SAP S/4HANA solution, systems now talk to each other

The move to SAP S/4HANA enabled ARNON to automate some of the work handled manually before. Thanks to the transformation, ARNON’s reporting is faster and more efficient as the systems talk to each other. For example, a customized Fiori-based solution was implemented for recording and monitoring working hours.

Furthermore, the SAP S/4HANA solution combined previously separate financial management and logistics systems, bringing remarkable benefits to the company. In the new solution, some of the transactions in the delivery and financial processes are automated.

The solution made ARNON’s process management smoother than before. The new system covers a large part of the functions, such as production control and production and warehousing-related procurement. Customer orders can now be interfaced directly into the system, and purchase orders including supplier invoices now also flow electronically between ARNON and its suppliers. In the future, the planning system will also be integrated with SAP.

ARNON anticipates that the S/4HANA system will streamline future integrations, as the system is also used by large international partners. S/4HANA also scales as needed, so there is no need to change ERP as operations expand.

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