Wärtsilä steps into the world of SAP Fiori

Wärtsilä took its first steps into the new UI technology when Neomore Consulting implemented SAP Fiori applications in one of Wärtsilä’s plants in Denmark.

Fiori is more than just a new user interface. SAP Fiori is the newest in SAP’s roadmap for creating user-friendly cross-device applications that, among other things, allow users to start a process on their desktop and continue it on a tablet or smartphone. SAP Fiori addresses the most broadly and frequently used SAP functions, such as workflow approvals, information lookups, and self-service tasks.

When Wärtsilä rolled out its global SAP template into the plant in Denmark, there was no clear solution on how to implement the warehouse processes. The warehouse workers wanted to have a mobile solution in order to support their daily activities as much as possible.

“Even if the technology is fairly new, we have gained experience from several other customer projects, and we were confident that this technology would be the right way to go for Wärtsilä also”, says Tuomas Haimi, head of UI development at Neomore.

“Even if the warehouse workers are not so familiar with mobile applications, they have adapted very fast to the new applications. The functionalities of the new solution, including printing of barcodes and utilizing barcode scanning and it’s goods receipt and inventory functions have made the daily work easier for us here in the warehouse. The transition from our old ERP system to SAP has of course been a challenge to all of us, but with the help of the new mobile application, the transition was much smoother than we were expecting”, comments Klaus Kristensen, warehouse manager in Wärtsilä Svanehøj Denmark, on the Fiori application from the end-user perspective.

The project was executed in record time and it gained wide appraisal both from the end-users as well as from the project management’s side:

“As overall responsible for the program I’d like to thank Neomore for delivering on time, on budget and on a very tight and challenging schedule. This is quite impressive when considering that the technology is new to us here at Wärtsilä. The applications were ready for productive use in only 4 months after the initial design workshop”, says Marc Habets, General Manager, OD Project Portfolio Management.

Kati Helenius, SAP Archtitect at Wärtsilä, sees a lot of future potential in the Fiori technology at Wärtsilä. “There are already plans for utilizing the Fiori applications built for Denmark in other plants in Wärtsilä”, she says.

“After the Denmark project, we now better understand what it takes to implement a Fiori project and because of the growing demand for more user-friendly applications from the business side, we will put more focus on the Fiori technology platform in future”. We have lots of employees that are constantly on the move, and Fiori will give us tools for building better applications for those people. Fiori enables us to build desktop and mobile applications both for online and offline usage”, Kati concludes.

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