We integrate new SAP technologies into our customers’ existing systems

Our SAP integration service means that we integrate new SAP technologies into our customers’ existing systems and ensure that they function together.

When companies introduce new SAP technologies they always have to be integrated into the existing systems. We can do this smoothly in one go on time thanks to our comprehensive understanding of SAP technologies as well as other technological systems, such as interfaces and architectures, and our customers’ businesses.

The integration has to be done right and it has to be done quickly as the exchange of data between systems is vital to the functioning of the business. SAP integrations require a thorough understanding of what happens in our customers’ business operations and the various technologies that they may use. We always have a named expert for each customer who understands the meaning of different technological processes to the running of the business.

Our SAP integration service allows our customers to introduce new technologies and to have them working with the existing systems. As a result of functioning SAP integrations our customer’s technologies exchange information smoothly and the business operations run effortlessly.



“Thanks to SAP’s ERP system, we can serve large international customers much more smoothly than before.”

Toni Ristamäki, ARNON’s Chief Operating Officer.

Atlas Copco

“Neomore enabled us to support the implementation and roll out of SAP ERP and SAP Service CRM functionalities in planned schedule”

Sanna Nuottajärvi, Business Controller, Oy Atlas Copco Louhintatekniikka Ab

Wärtsilä steps into the world of SAP Fiori

“The applications were ready for productive use in only 4 months after the initial design workshop.”

Marc Habets, General Manager, OD Project Portfolio Management, Wärtsilä

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