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Whistleblowing channel

To advance an open, transparent, and safe operational culture, we have taken a reporting system for misconduct or suspected misconduct into use. Usage of reporting system is based on Whistleblower protection Directive and Law on the protection of persons reporting breaches of European Union law and national law (1171/2022).

Whistleblowing system offers a confidential channel to report suspicion of possible misconduct or breach of operational principles for internal investigation. Report can be done anonymously.

Primarily, concern or suspicion should be brought up with team lead or other member of management team. If a conversation does not feel like a good option, you can always use this channel. Whistleblowing system is implemented in a way that the whistleblower (the person reporting) is not identifiable if the reporting is done anonymously.

All reports are managed confidentially and with protection of whistleblower and report’s privacy. The processing of personal data complies with the obligations according to the Data Protection Act (1050/2018).

You can make a report based on suspicion and without actual evidence, as long as you do it honestly and with good intentions. Reports received in the whistleblowing channel are handled by Head of HR and CFO, who initiate the necessary investigations. Processing is confidential. Confidentiality applies also when the whistleblower brings up their identity.

If the report concerns one of the handlers, the person in question will not participate in the handling and investigation of the case.

After receiving the report, we will confirm your report as received within 7 days. If necessary, we will ask you for additional information during the investigation. This step also takes place through the channel, confidentially and anonymously. We will inform you about the result of investigation via the channel within 3 months of submitting the report.

At the end of making the report, you will receive a personal code with which you can follow the progress of the report. If you have made a report and you lose the case-specific code, we ask you to make a new report, referring to your original report. This way, the investigation can be continued in cooperation with you.

You can make the report here

More information on reporting can be found on our service provider’s website.

If our internal channel does not work, you can report misconduct referred to in the Whistleblower Protection Act to the Chancellor of Justice’s centralized external reporting channel. Please note that irregularities in the organization’s operations should be reported primarily through our own internal reporting channel in order to receive whistleblower protection.

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