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SAP BTP and Integration Suite are shaping the future

Author: Lila Leander

SAP BTP and Integration Suite are shaping the future


What is SAP Business Technology Platform and Integration Suite?

SAP Integration Suite is an innovative integration platform that connects data and processes, enabling more content-rich applications to be developed quicker than before.

Integration Suite is available as a service (EiPaaS, read more form SAP Blog), and with that, companies can use it to integrate on-premise and cloud-based applications and processes quickly.

The application Integration offers prebuilt integrations that are managed and updated by SAP and AI-enabled cloud Integration.

Welcome to the future: Replacing on-premises solutions

Companies and their IT departments will take a hard look at their on-premise solutions. It is no longer the situation that companies don’t want to get rid of their on-premises software; it’s a fact that they must.

Cloud-based solutions offer more effortless scalability and simply more bang for the buck in performance and connectivity. Companies look at this also as an opportunity to redefine their business processes and advance their innovation strategies. With old on-premise solutions, this would not have been feasible.

According to SAP  Consultant  Amlesh Singh from Neomore, BTP and Integration Suite’s key benefit is flexibility. The development of the interface is fast and intuitive, which makes it easy to reinvent things.

This is evident in a Harvard Business Reviews study on companies that migrated their on-premises SAP solutions to the SAP Business Technology Platform. According to their research, the best results go to companies that go beyond cutting costs and enhancing effectiveness and focus on boosting their innovation and digital strategies by moving SAP to the cloud.

SAP Business Technology Platform supports business resilience

SAP can help streamline and accelerate the digital transformation of an intelligent company in cloud deployment.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud is available to companies both in public and private clouds. It enables companies to use it without dedicated IT staff for maintenance, servers, or hardware. But the real benefit comes from the ability to change processes and business models more efficiently.

According to many savvy business leaders, intelligent business models and methods will be the driving force behind thriving companies in the future.

According to Amlesh Singh:

“SAP Business Technology Platform is more than just a tool for our customer creating new applications. Because of its prebuilt integrations, connectivity, packages  and templates, it will help them transform and streamline the business processes.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]