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Cloud Technology & Architecture

About the team

We actively engage with the latest cloud technologies, with a particular focus on promoting new SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) technologies to our customers. Our team has a strong foundation in SAP integrations, and this experience underpins our ongoing efforts to bring innovative solutions to our clients.

We’re also deeply involved in exploring and implementing SAP BTP’s intelligent services. Additionally, we meet every Friday for our team meeting, where we discuss current challenges and opportunities to develop to support each other and share our knowledge.

From our team members

“Joining Neomore helped me to understand the importance of the team surrounding me. Sharing workload and team support in challenging projects is key. Neomore supports you when you want to obtain certifications and offers very competitive incentives for your work while providing many benefits and organizing sporting and social events. I feel happy, rewarded and recognized at work.”

Felipe Roque Senior Consultant

“Amazing people are working here from around the world with different cultures and backgrounds. Neomore as a company gives opportunity not only to participate in interesting projects from different sectors, but also to grow as a professional. Besides courses there is good library with cozy atmosphere which replenishes with most modern books from all cutting-edge areas. Once I get bored with daily routines some colleagues can puzzle me with non-trivial challenges and questions or I can always find a good partner for a pool match.”

Andriy Taranov Senior Consultant

“My experience with Neomore has been both empowering and exhilarating. From the outset, I've been encouraged to fearlessly tackle challenges and push my boundaries, with the knowledge that I have the backing of a great supportive team. I've found a place where I can be myself, develop professionally, and enjoy the journey. I look forward to continue my contribution to our shared success.”

Smitha Madhavan Senior Consultant

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