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Material Master Management Tool

Material Master Management Tool

Neomore’s cloud-based mobile tool digitizes and harmonizes customer’s material master data throughout the organization.

Benefits of Material Master Management Tool

For the end user

  • Easy and fast to use
  • Wizard based interface for user guidance
  • Reduces errors with relevant and accurate material master data
  • Material master requests can be done by all users at any time
  • Approval workflow supports work

For the organization

  • Digitalizes and harmonizes the material master management process
  • Provides unified and centralized tool for entire organization
  • Creates cost savings
  • Uses the correct and harmonized material master data
  • Cloud based solution: scalable within the organization​
Material Master Management Tool Mobile User User Experience (UX)

Material master is a central source for managing data on all materials that company procures, produces, stores, and sells. Unfortunately, in many organizations material master data is fragmented and processes are unintegrated e.g., different factory sites operate their own material master. This cause inefficiencies and unnecessary costs for the organization.

Material Master Management Tool Application

Neomore’s cloud-based easy-to-use and fast mobile application harmonizes customer’s material master data. It provides unified processes to manage material master throughout the organization. All users can create new material requests; list, edit and follow the status of request; request material changes; and approve requests according to workflow developed by Neomore.

Material Master Management

Neomore’s Material Master Management tool is built on SAP Fiori to guarantee excellent user experience. The material master approval process runs fully on SAP Business Technology Platform until material request is approved. After final approvals the material data is stored in SAP Material Management application. Neomore’s application supports both SAP ECC and SAP S/4 HANA. Neomore’s tool is widely used e.g., in paper industry.



  • Flexible but formalized approval workflow with email notifications​
  • Organization specific e.g., factory specific, fields
  • Avoids duplicate material in ERP system
  • Request filtering functionality
  • Standardized input and entry options​
  • User role-based authorizations and actions​
  • Rules for material naming ​
  • Possible to add comments and attachments on material requests
  • Full scope language options​
  • Traceability and logs
  • Integrations to relevant databases (e.g., chemical database)​


  • SAP ERP system
  • Supports both SAP ECC and SAP S4Hana
  • SAP Business Technology Platform 0r SAP NetWeaver Gateway
Material Master Architecture

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