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Plant Maintenance Work Permits Solution

Plant Maintenance Work Permits Application 2

Neomore’s Plant Maintenance Work Permits cloud solution digitalizes and harmonizes the entire work permit process making it secure, efficient and safer work environment for both internal employees and external contractors.

Mikko Hulkkonen – Senior Consultant at Neomore

Benefits of plant maintenance work permits

For the end user

  • Easy and fast to use
  • Speeds up the work permit process
  • Traceability of permits for accountability
  • Efficient
  • Works in mobile devices

For the organization

  • Harmonizes and digitalizes the entire work permit process
  • Enables monitoring and securing of occupational safety
  • Quick to implement
  • Integration to SAP Plant Management work order application and other ERP systems
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Minimal master data needs

Production plants use regularly large volumes of external contractors for plant maintenance. Contractors are required to have a valid work permits due to the regulations and occupational safety standards. One large plant may have thousands of work permits issued at the same time. Processes for issuing work permits vary from organization to organization and even within the same organization, e.g., some rely on word documents and others on excel forms. There is a real chance for occupational safety violations and hazards.

Neomore has developed a cloud-based easy-to-use and fast mobile application which digitizes and harmonizes the customer’s entire work permit process making it secure and efficient. The work permit process is managed fully on SAP cloud platform and after the permit is approved, data is transferred to SAP Plant Maintenance Work Orders application. Neomore’s Plant Maintenance Work Permits Solution is widely used e.g., in big paper mills.



  • Quick to issue ad hoc work permits without links to actual work orders
  • Integration to other systems with APIs
  • My Permits functionality lets user grant, list, check status and edit work permits
  • Wizard based interface guides users
  • Responsive user interface for multiple devices
  • Ready-made pdf forms for work permits
  • Works as a standalone solution
  • Integration to back-end systems
  • Master data management in cloud
  • No customization of underlying ERP system


  • SAP or related ERP system
  • Supports both SAP ECC and SAP S/4 Hana
  • SAP Business Technology Platform

Neomore’s Plant Maintenance Work Permits Solution is a cloud-based solution built on SAP Business Technology Platform. It can be integrated to different systems, and underlying ERP systems do not require customization.

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