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Smart Mill Solutions

Neomore’s Smart Mill Solution digitizes and automates the whole factory logistics process and makes collaboration with suppliers more efficient through self-service portal.

There is always something to improve and ways to become even more sustainable. By optimizing inbound delivery flows we can avoid traffic jams and waiting times. This means reduced CO2 emissions and improved efficiency and therefore improved sustainability.

Christian Stögbauer​ – Service Owner Plant Maintenance at RCP & Energy UPM

Benefits of Smart Mill Solution

For the end user

  • Easy and quick to learn and use
  • All relevant data available
  • Data stored in correct locations
  • Visualized data improves usability
  • Self-service portal supports work

For the organization

  • Digitalizes and harmonizes factory logistics
  • Better collaboration with suppliers and haulers
  • Automates whole inbound process​
  • Efficient time window management for delivery planning
  • Ensures booking data​
  • Efficient use on mill capacity​

Continuous inbound deliveries to manufacturing facilities is a challenging logistical operation. Tasks such as scheduling the deliveries, managing the vehicles on site including verification at the gate, weighing the vehicles upon arrival and departure, unloading the cargo and quality inspection of the cargo require a well-managed and integrated process.

But still, in too many companies the process is disconnected and based on manual work which causes errors and loss of time.

Neomore’s Smart Mill Solution digitalizes and automates the whole factory logistics process. It is an end-to-end solution including several integrated applications covering all phases of factory logistics. Digital Mill Solution enhance customer’s collaboration with suppliers by a self-service portal. It allows suppliers to schedule and plan the deliveries by themselves.

Smart Mill Solution applications are built on SAP Fiori to guarantee excellent user experience. They run on SAP Business Technology Platform and are integrated with SAP Logistics application. Smart Mill Solution supports both SAP ECC and SAP S/4 HANA.



  • Delivery scheduling application for suppliers
  • Scheduling application for internal users
  • Self service application for truck drivers: registration & weighing
  • Control room application for monitoring deliveries
  • Quality inspection mobile application
  • Goods receipt


  • Mobile & desktop
  • Enables barcodes
  • Automatic imaging of vehicles at the gate (OCR)
  • Drag and drop user interface
  • Integration to factory weighing software
  • Scalability to all deliveries
  • Quality inspection functionality
  • Support unloading and storage of the cargo in the warehouse


  • SAP Business Technology Platform
  • Supports both SAP ECC and SAP S4/HANA
  • Mobile, tablet or desktop devices
  • Integration platform such SAP BTP Integration Suite

UPM RCP is aiming to bring the collaboration with our suppliers and haulers to a new level with interactive applications. Target is to balance the inbound deliveries and optimize the transparency and process flow for all stakeholders with Digital Gate View and Time Window Management.

Christian Stögbauer​ – Service Owner Plant Maintenance, RCP & Energy at UPM

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